Saturday, October 13, 2007

To Begin

Many times, through the years I've thought about blogging, but rejected the idea, for any number of reasons. I am still reluctant/ambivalent about doing so, but have decided to give it a go. There is a delete blog button, so how can I lose?

One day when I was 13 or so I decided to help with the gardening, so I took some Ammonium Nitrate that dad had laying around, and proceeded to spread it around the garden, and then watered it in. The next day, as I came out to inspect my handiwork, I discovered that I had "burned" everything up. Everything had turned brown, I had chemically burned all the plant matter out of ignorance. Then and there I decided there had to be a better way.

This was 1956, just about the time that a Berkeley citizen by the name of Rachel Carson was writing a book titled "Silent Spring", so I wonder if I might have been channeling her right from the start, because I have done my best to live organically since that time.

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